Ordinary siblings in an extraordinary situation. Seven-year-old Adam and his 15-year-old sister Anita set off on an amazing journey to help save their mom. A magic kingdom with scheming courtiers, a treacherous pirate with a penchant for poetry, gallant knights jousting - these are just some of the adventures they'll face together. During this dangerous quest they'll learn the meaning of responsibility, brotherhood, and first love.

"The Golden Drops" is an animated fairy tale produced using an original technique that combines classical hand-drawn animation and a fabulously colorful 3D film set. An all-star cast, exhilarating action, and more than a hundred breathtaking locations are a guarantee that every viewer will find something to captivate them in this film.
To save someone you love…
sometimes you need to risk everything.
Benjamin Lewandowski, Aleksandra Kowalicka,
Cezary Pazura, Andrzej Grabowski, Maciej Stuhr,
Jerzy Kryszak, Tomasz Kot, Dariusz Gnatowski,
Robert Gonera, Marzena Kipiel-Sztuk

Daniel Zduńczyk i Marcin Męczkowski
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